3 splendid ways to create memorable gifts

by | Jul 28, 2010 | Gifts

Are you searching for an ideal gift for your friend’s birthday party? It is best that you avoid selecting a clichéd gift such as a flower vase or birthday greeting card. You can instead give a personalized gift to make the occasion even more special. The advent of the internet has simplified the process of sending personalized gifts. Such a customized idea will surely make your friend feel even more special.

Given below are three ideas which will help you in selecting personalized gifts:

1. Evoke Memories with personalized gifts

This is a tried and tested formula while shopping for personalised gifts. Personalization or customization is commonly found in items such mugs and T-shirts. However, more than the product the message imprinted on the product sets the gift apart. Therefore, it is recommended that you imprint personalised messages that can evoke some beautiful memories. You can include phrases that were a part of your childhood. This will surely evoke a smile upon your friend’s face.

2. Combination of Words and Pictures

Words and pictures always make a great combination. For instance, you can always express your thoughts aptly via words and relevant pictures. Similarly, you can also choose cartoon strips for an eye-catching appearance. Most of the personalized gift portals have a special facility which allows users to create their own designs. They can also preview the designs and place the order accordingly. You can use this facility to your advantage and express your thoughts efficiently.

3. Subtle Approach

Ensure that the matter included on the gift medium is subtle in terms of color or message. The size of the printed text should be visible from about three feet. Moreover, avoid using vibrant colors which might prove to be too repulsive. Avoid creating a clutter with too many words.

Keep the above mentioned points in mind while selecting personalized gifts for your friends.

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