The Many Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Gifts

Hand sanitizer has become a very common item in homes and businesses alike. Regardless of the time of year, or the weather outside, germs are everywhere and using hand sanitizer is a convenient way to cleanse your hands without running to the washroom every few moments. Having hand sanitizer personalized is a great way to help make the almost generic looking object stand out, and serves to promote your business in nearly every setting. Here are some other benefits of having hand sanitizer personalized with your brand.


Hand sanitizer is a convenient way to ensure that germs are killed on the hands before a person is able to spread them to his or her fellow co-workers, family members, or classmates. Most units are portable too, allowing them to travel with a person from his or her home to work to coffee dates and back home again. Some even come with key rings attached, or are small enough to fit inside a purse or jacket pocket.


Recent studies have shown that frequent use of hand sanitizers in the home can reduce the spread of both gastrointestinal illness and respiratory infection amongst family members. For a busy family with an active lifestyle, illness can be a major issue, but the frequent use of hand sanitizer can reduce the changes that a family will be struck down by a cold or flu. In addition, other studies have shown that using hand sanitizers to classrooms have reduced student illness by nearly twenty per cent. This is true across nearly all grade levels, meaning that frequent use of hand sanitizer can help students learn more, getting a better value for their education.

Hidden Benefit

Regular, repeated hand washing with soap and water can be exceptionally drying to the hands, casing painful cracks and redness. Certain hand sanitizers are now being made with special ingredients specifically designed to help moisturize and preserve the skin, making them an attractive alternative to constant hand washing.


Be sure to remove any rings or bracelets when using hand sanitizer. While the solution used in hand sanitizers won’t do any damage to precious metals or stones, rings and bracelets can harbor a ton of germs, and even the best hand sanitizer can’t reach those areas if the jewelry is not removed.

Perks of Personalization

Opting to have hand sanitizer personalized before giving it away as a promotional item is a wonderful way to get your logo and branding across to a massive audience. Those in busy offices may display the sanitizer on ledges and counters, within easy reach and viewing of customers and clients. Retail outlets, schools, and private homes will also want to have their hand sanitizer within everyone’s line of sight, meaning that your brand will be seen by a very wide audience.

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