Month: January 2019

Reasons to Drink More Gin

Gin and tonics have a long history that begins in the treatment of malaria. Quinine, an ingredient in tonic water, was used as a treatment for malaria starting in the 17th century, and it was only a matter of time before it became commercialized in the 1800s and gin...

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Wise Shoe Shopping Tips for the Ladies

Finding the right pair of shoes can be fun. If the only pair you’ve ever worn, though, are sneakers, here are handy tips to help you find the kicks that are absolutely perfect for—and on—you. Know your options There are more to shoes than sneakers. You’ve got pumps,...

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Relive Your Childhood

Most adults had a bike when they were younger. It gave them a sense of speed and freedom while keeping them physically active and in the fresh air. As children grow up they get to drive cars and trucks and they forget about the feeling of being on a bike and feeling...

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