Baby Gift Baskets – Practical and Useful

Baby gift baskets are very popular because of the sheer variety of baby items which can be put into them. It can be a nice mixture of regular items along with a couple of expensive ones. This way, the budget doesn’t go haywire yet you can gift a full brimming basket of goodies to the baby. Themed gift baskets like diapering basket, bath basket, book basket, clothes or toy basket have also gained popularity and one can always come up with something newer.

For newborns generally, an all-purpose basket is very useful as you can put in all the essential stuff required for those first few months. But if you want to go in for a specific themed basket, the most practical obviously would be a diaper-themed basket as you can then stuff the basket with plenty of wet wipes, nappies, diapers, lotions or creams for nappy rash, small towels, a separate small carry-all for soiled diapers etc.

The traditional wicker basket can be replaced by toy wagons, laundry baskets or buckets which can then be decorated nicely. This can serve the double purpose of holding soiled diapers or clothes later on. You can also opt for a sleepy time theme where you can stuff these large containers with crib blankets, quilts or sheets, pillows or cushions and sleepwear for the baby.

Toys, bath items are also welcome gifts for the baby. Bath items should be hypoallergenic, tearless and gentle. Toys are beloved by babies of all age groups; just make sure that the toys correspond to the baby’s age and are not toxic. Crib mobiles will fascinate the newborn baby while lying in the crib and rattles and soft toys are also well-liked by babies.

Baby gift baskets for twins become very easy because all you have to do is to get two of every item and cram them into a single basket if they are for same-gender twins. But, why not make it a bit more interesting by arranging for two separate baskets also even if it they are for the same -gender twins? Vary the color scheme of each basket and tweak some items here and there. Gift baskets for boy-girl twins are of course of blue and pink colors and items like clothes will obviously be different from each other.

Baskets for 1 year olds can hold more than the usual crib toys, diapers, clothes etc. Books, music CDs, edibles also make for great additions to a toddler’s gift basket. Books are a wonderful way of developing good communication skills in 1 year olds and children of this age enjoy listening to stories, looking at pictures even if they cannot comprehend much of it. Soothing lullabies on music CDs are also greatly enjoyed by toddlers. Edibles can include the child’s favorite cereals or chocolates or cookies.

As far as practical gifts are concerned, baby gift baskets are hard to beat as they can contain a little of everything or contain large amounts of a particular item based on a theme.

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