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There is no one single product that has a bigger impact on a room than wallcovering. Regardless of how wonderful your sofa is or your oriental rugs, no product other than wallcovering can do a better job of bringing a room together.

Today, a good wallcovering supplier makes it easier to shop and find the perfect wallcovering to compliment the furnishings and collectables found in the room. Long gone are the days of having to spend hours flipping through huge sample books, today, high impact digital imaging allows you to choose from the wealth of wallcoverings available. In the not too distant past selecting the proper wallcovering was a daunting task; no more.

When you want to work with a wallcovering supplier and choose a material that will really pull your room together there are a few steps that you should follow to ensure satisfaction.

Evaluate the room:

The first thing that you want to do is have a good look at the room and decide what message it should convey. Have you got your heart set on a room that is light and airy or would you rather see the room rich and dark with high quality accent pieces?

Once you have made this initial decision then evaluate the existing furnishings in the room, decide that which you wish to keep and that which must go. Now look at what’s left and ask yourself what is it that ties them together, is it the color scheme or do they share a common style, etc?

The wallcovering you select will be the final element, the one that ties everything together, giving your room a well planned appearance.
Once this phase is completed prepare a plan, arrange a folio that includes color swatches and a detailed floor plan showing the location of the doors, windows and permanent features such as a fireplace.

You are now ready to shop:

Using your plan, discuss your thinking with the personnel at the wallcovering supplier. By focusing on your plan and concepts you will stay focused, this will help considerably in avoiding an impulse purchase that doesn’t work out once the wallcovering has been hung. The experienced personnel can guide you to collections that compliment your thinking but only if you can “paint” a mental picture of what you want.

Once you have identified various choices of wallcovering based on color and texture, spread them out and match them with your color swatches. It often helps if you shop with a friend that knows your tastes, they can often provide meaningful input.

What’s important is that you take your time, the decision you make now is one that you will have to live with for years to come, so do it right and don’t balk at the prices; it’s your home and you owe it to yourself to decorate it to suit your taste.

The key to successful integration in any room is the wallcovering. You are well advised to visit the showroom of a well known and respected wallcovering supplier. You are invited to visit the galleries of Business Name in Chicago and New York.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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