What to Look for in an Anniversary Ring in Tampa, FL

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Jewelry

Based on your anniversary year, wedding etiquette gives some ideas for gift themes. On your first anniversary, give paper; on your fifth, give wood; and on your tenth, give tin or aluminum. But for many couples, these gift-giving customs seem a little old-fashioned.

Although there are no set rules regarding an anniversary ring in Tampa, FL, contemporary couples have discovered that giving this kind of present is a special and memorable way to honor significant anniversaries.

Ring Style

Most anniversary rings don’t have a single central stone. They are set with many stones instead. The design you pick mainly depends on where and how the ring will be worn. For instance, you can select any style if your spouse wishes to replace the original wedding band with the anniversary ring or wear it on the right hand. The anniversary ring in Tampa, FL, should appear and feel similar to the wedding ring if worn alongside it.


Always work with a reputable jeweler like Les Olson Jewelers to guarantee a high-quality ring. This is crucial when selecting a diamond anniversary ring since you want to be sure you can rely on the diamonds’ quality.

Look for a jeweler with certified gemologists and master craftsmen on staff who offer ring appraisals, complimentary resizing, and lifetime engagement and anniversary ring care as you decide where to buy an anniversary ring. This will help you confirm the jeweler’s reputation and ability to provide top-quality rings and service.

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