The benefits of using Garapa decking

Garapa decking is similar to Ipe, both are high density hardwoods which are known for their beautiful grain and rich color variations. These woods are harder than any American hardwood. The highest quality Garapa is harvested in Brazil but it also comes from other countries in South America including Peru and Columbia. In these countries the trees grow very tall and large in diameter, once harvested they can be cut into extremely high quality planks which are ideal for decking.

Garapa colors range from honey brown to pale yellow:

This exotic color variation is often seen in the same deck board which means that the finished deck is unique; no two decks will appear exactly the same. Garapa decking is often the choice when the deck is in a sunny place as it doesn’t get overly hot. As well as the very beautiful color variations, Garapa decking is very hard, it is approximately one and a half times harder than oak. This makes the material ideally suited for decks; it can stand up to the rough play of children and their pets without scratching or gouging. It is this harness that makes Garapa extremely resistant to infestation by termites and it is extremely resistant to rot.

The features of Garapa decking:

  • Less expensive to purchase and install than composite decking materials

  • Naturally resistant to decay and attack by mold

  • Extremely easy to maintain, can last for 25 years or more with minimum maintenance

  • Easy to cut and work with

Of all the high quality decking material available, Garapa decking is one of the least expensive options available. When you consider the cost of a deck it is more than just the material, it is how long the deck will last before it needs extensive repair or replacement.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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