Diamond Studs Are a Symbol of Royal Beauty

A pair of diamond studs is one of the best jewelry gifts you can give the woman in your life. Diamond earrings are a classic choice that suits both modern and more traditional women. This is an earring a woman can wear as easily with a pair of jeans as with a ball gown, which is why you’ll probably find that she wears these new earrings nearly every day.  This means you should choose your earrings carefully to ensure years of wear.

As you shop for diamond studs, keep these four important things in mind.

  • Metal type – Most diamond studs are set in white gold or platinum, as silver metals best accent diamonds. However, you can find these earrings in yellow gold, if this is the metal your woman prefers.
  • Size of diamond – Because the size of the diamond can vary so greatly, the price of diamond studs can range from very inexpensive to very expensive. Set a budget before you begin so that you know the size diamond you can afford. Keep in mind that even if you can afford to spend a lot, many people find very large diamond studs unattractive, because these appear fake. The studs should be large enough to be seen, but not so large as to scream “cubic zirconia”.
  • Diamond Quality – You want the earrings to sparkle, so diamond quality is important. Choosing a diamond with good clarity, color and proper cut will ensure that your diamonds look great.
  • Reputable Jeweler – A reputable jeweler will help you choose the right earrings, ensuring you get the best pair you can afford. In addition, a good jeweler will be there for you after the sale, in case you need repairs or have any problems. Choose a jeweler with a good reputation in your community so that you can buy with confidence. If you don’t currently have a jeweler you trust, talk to your friends to get recommendations on good ones in your area.

Diamond studs are an important part of every woman’s jewelry wardrobe. You can expect that these are earrings she will wear for years to come, both for everyday and for special occasions. Take the time to choose the earrings with care, knowing that the woman in your life will treasure these among her most important pieces of jewelry, and will even likely pass these on to future generations.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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