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After water, the most consumed beverage all over the world is tea. This aromatic drink which has antioxidant properties known to fight cancer has been popular amongst individuals since time immemorial. With a flavor slightly bitter and astringent like, a cup of this drink can provide a very pleasant and cooling sensation. Which is why almost all families all over the world buy tea and enjoy its aroma as many times, throughout the day.

Tea is available in a wide range of flavors and fragrances. Different types taste differently and are beneficial for the health in many ways. Black, white, green and Oolong tea comes from a tree called Camellia sinensis. It is an evergreen tree that mainly grows in a warm weather. The white leaves are silvery white in color as they are obtained from the new leaves of Camellia plants, and thus contain no chlorophyll. The Oolong and black type are dried and crushed leaves, which are fermented. All these types contain polyphenols which are known to reduce risks of cancer, lower the level of cholesterol as well as prevent blood clotting.

Another type which is popular for its soothing effects is herbal tea. The term “tea” is a bit of a misnomer here, though. Usually, these are infusions made with flowers, herbs, spices, roots and similar parts of certain plants. These are not considered to have any health benefits per se, but are preferred because of the calming effect the beverage has on one’s mind and body.

There are various companies that manufacture tea in different excellent flavors. You can buy this beverage in different types of packaging, as per your requirements.

* Iced tea is available in various flavors, like Raspberry, Peachberry and Tulsi. This type is available in boxes containing filters. Each filter can be used to make as much as two quarts of tea.

* The retailers also provide black, green as well as herbal tea in silken pyramid sachets.

* The above types are also available as loose leaves, which you can brew in a kettle.

Apart from the above there are many other products available with these service providers such as infusers, recipe books and so on. All of these make the morning and evening tea a delightful experience. Thus, you should start looking for the most popular retailers to buy tea which is rich in both quality and taste. Nowadays, there are online dealers too from whom you can purchase these products over the Internet.

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