Getting a Sports Appraisal on Collectibles

There are many different types of sports memorabilia on the market today. Collectors can find items which range from tee shirts that are signed by athletes to antique sporting goods. These pieces can be found all over the world on the tables of flea market salespersons and in auction houses which sell items to the highest bidder. Collectors can make a lot of money off the items they find or lose quite a lot on their pieces. The value of the item is dependent on a variety of different factors, which is why it is a good idea to get a sports appraisal on these objects.

The Signature

When you gets a sports appraisal for merchandise the first aspect is the signature on the item. The athlete which signed the piece will make a difference in the value of the item. This is because there are some players which are more famous than others within the sports industry. For example, a baseball that was signed by Mark McGwire will be more valuable than a ball which was penned by another member of the Saint Louis Cardinal team. This is due to the home runs that this player gained during his time in the sport.

The Item

The items that you are getting a sports appraisal for is the next piece of the puzzle. When it comes to value a jersey that is signed by a player will sometimes be worth less than a ring that was given to an athlete whose team won the Super Bowl. This is due to the fact that a Super Bowl ring is only given to those who won the game and made of gold and precious stones. Therefore you will need to take into consideration the actual item which is in question when placing a value on the item.

The Date

Check the date that is accompanied with the signature when getting a sports appraisal. Some games and years will have more significance within the sport. This will greatly effect the value of the piece that you have. It may add value to the item or it could be a way to tell that the object will not gain any value within years to come.

The Sport and Athlete

The last factor to consider is the player that signed the piece as well as the sport they play. Some athlete signatures will garner more attention due to the accolades they received within the sport they play. So different athletes from one team may bring more value to a piece than others. Therefore you must factor in the type of sport and the player which signed the object when you get a sports appraisal on an a piece of memorabilia.

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