The Sentimentality of Birthstone Jewelry in Moore, OK

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Jewelry

One of the most personal gifts someone can give to another person is a piece of jewelry. What makes it so personal is the fact that, most of the time, a lot of thought is put into picking the gift out. After all, if someone is going to spend a lot of money on jewelry as a gift, they want the intended recipient to love it and want to wear the piece all of the time. For this reason, many people buy items that have birthstones in the settings for that special someone’s birthday.

While there can be different birthstones for each month, there is one stone for each month that is most commonly recognized for birthstone Jewelry Moore OK. The 12 main birthstones are:

     *     January – Garnet is the traditional January birthstone for Jewelry Moore OK, and is dark red in color.

     *    February – Purple amethyst is the birthstone for this month.

     *    March – A pale greenish-blue stone called aquamarine is for March babies.

     *    April – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and they are also the April birthstone.

     *    May – Those born in May have dark green birthstones known as emeralds.

     *    June – The white pearl is used for June birthstone Jewelry Moore OK.

     *    July – Bright red ruby birthstones are precious gemstones worn by July babies.

     *    August – Peridot is a light, lime green semi-precious gemstone for those born in August.

     *    September – Sapphire is dark blue and is the birthstone for the first month of the fall.

     *    October – Opals, which are available in many different colors, are the birthstones for October.

    *   November – Topaz is a yellow stone that ranges in shade from very pale to very dark. This November birthstone is available in other colors as well.

     *    December – Christmas shopping for December babies can include bluish-green turquoise Jewelry Moore OK.

A piece of birthstone jewelry is a very special gift to give someone. Not only is it beautiful, it is thoughtful. There are many different styles of birthstone jewelry. Don’t limit giving birthstones just on birthdays. Birthstone jewelry makes great gifts for all types of occasions.

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