Palm Trees Are Naturally Decorative

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Is the palm a tree? Everyone calls it one but it is actually from a different family of plants known to botanists as the monocot order of Arecaceae. There are some 202 basic types subdivided into more than 2,600 species.

Palms are flowering plants that grow naturally from the tropics to warm temperate parts of our planet. Generally, they have large evergreen leaves around the top of a branchless stem or trunk. In many cases their height of the trunk is equal to that of a tree – hence the usage of “palm tree”.

However, there are many exceptions to the size and shape guideline above. Palms are one of the most diverse plant families in creation but most of those shapes are considered pleasing to the human eye.

Many who live in the correct climate plant assorted palm types in the gardens for purely decorative purposes. Decorative palms are also widely planted in resorts, hotel gardens, beach fronts and even along the roadsides. But, anyone growing palms soon learns that they can be a messy decoration. Those large leaves at the top regularly fall off and the big ones falling from some height can also be dangerous. Even falling coconuts regularly kill people.

Mostly Unsuitable For Indoor Decoration

Even if one has the staff or the energy to plant and look after potted palms, there are still matters relating to the size it might grow to and public safety to consider. However, none of this need be a problem if the use of Artificial Palm Trees is considered.

The Best Way To have Palms Indoors

A whole industry has sprung up to take dyed textiles like nylon, polyester or silk and craft the material into totally realistic looking plant leaves of just about any genus. Just as importantly, stems, trunks, flowers, fruit and nuts can be artificially replicated. This allows for the assembly of Artificial Palm Trees that will never grow too big for their assigned indoor space and are, more or less, maintenance free. Dusting or washing from time to time is all that is required for any indoor artificial palm.

With 2,600 types available for replication, it is relatively easy for anyone to select Artificial Palm Trees that do not look exactly like those in their neighbor’s place. This may not matter too much in a domestic home but could be a major factor when using Artificial Palm Trees to obtain a unique décor for (say) a hotel’s cocktail bar. Commercial users also get the advantage of being able to rent Artificial Palm Trees and change their styles from time to time.

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