What is EPDM rubber?

EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a synthetic rubber which is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Some of the common uses include seals for automotive use, refrigerator door seals industrial belts and the seals that are used in industrial respirators. There seems to be endless uses which include garden hose, pond liners and roof membranes. It is extremely good for a roof membrane because EPDM rubber does not pollute the runoff water, this is important if the water from a flat roof is being harvested for further use.

Although the uses seem endless it is most often used in the automobile industry. It is used for almost all the seals for the windows, doors, trunk and hood. The material is also used to produce radiator hoses and all the other hoses that are used in vehicle production. This material is resistant to heat, cold, weathering, solvents, oil, fuel and oxidation; as a result it’s used extensively in many industries because of its versatility.

EPM (ethylene propylene rubber) consists of two polymers. EPM is a co-polymer but the main difference is the amount of chemical saturation of each of them. As the entire structure is saturated it must be radiated or compounds which contain free radicals must be used in the creation of EPM. EPDM rubber is a ter-poymer rubber created from ethylene, propylene and diene. Although the main structure is saturated there are unsaturated sections which make it easy to cure with sulfur which in turn makes it easier to work with it chemically as it reacts much easier with other chemical substances.

EPM and EPDM rubber can be used in most of the places where natural rubber can be employed and even places where it can’t. Natural rubber cannot be used as a thermoplastic vulcanizates or a motor oil additive.

The characteristics are like natural rubber, it is very stretchy as well as durable. EPDM rubber has other advantages as well that makes it even more versatile. It is resistant to heat and electrical current and cannot be abraded and worn down or weathered by water, oxygen, acid or bases and is resistant to abrasives and does not swell in the presence of oil.

The advantages of EPDM rubber can be applied to other compounds by mixing them to create an even tougher resulting compound. Although it is useful when used this way, the most common use is as is rather than mixed.

EPDM rubber is one of the compounds produced by R.E. Darling Co. Inc. The company offers compound formulation, extruding, calendaring of a wide variety of synthetic and natural rubbers.

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