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by | Aug 7, 2014 | Clothing

Animals have lived in the wild for thousands of years, but their populations are dwindling, and they need our help. Many wild animals are becoming extinct simply because people want to hunt them and enjoy their furs, pelts or tusks instead of appreciating the animal as a pat of the ecosystem where it lives.

Purchasing Love the Planet shirts helps educate others on the importance of protecting the world’s wild animal population, allows non-profit organizations all over the world to provide direct help, and provides a beautiful gift option with a dual purpose.

Dual Purpose Gifting

Shirts are always a practical gift, but purchasing Love the Planet shirts online will allow you to help save the wild animal population, and share a thoughtful gift to those who care about endangered species as much as you do. These shirts come in several styles for men and women, including short/long sleeves, tee shirts, v-necks, scoop tees, tank tops and sweatshirts.

Each shirt depicts a specific animal, such as the cheetah, elephant or sea turtle. This allows you to choose the particular animal that you know your friend or family member will love.

Love the Planet shirts are available in Small to 2XL sizes. The front of each shirt displays a beautiful picture of the animal, and the back provides more detailed information about their species.

All Love the Planet shirts are made in the United States using organic inks on 100% combed ringspun jersey cotton for added softness and guaranteed fit.


If people don’t know how rapidly the world’s wild animal population is disappearing, nothing will be done. You can help spread the word about extinction rates for specific animals, and know you are doing your part every time you buy or wear a Love the Planet shirt.

More Help

Most wildlife conservation companies offer a percentage of the sales to specific organizations that help with conservationist work. With each Love the Planet purchase, some of your money goes directly to helping the wildlife from becoming extinct. Look to do business with companies that offer at least 10 percent of their sales to these efforts.

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