How to Secretly Get The Right Size for Engagement or Wedding Rings

When it comes time to pop the big question, you may have more than a few questions in mind yourself. After all, buying engagement and wedding rings is typically not something you do everyday, and you may need a little guidance to help you select the right one. The first step requires a little detective work on the part of the would-be groom.

Before you step foot in a showroom or jewelry store, find out for certain what size ring your intended wears. No, don’t go asking her; that’s a dead giveaway you plan on proposing. Instead, while she’s out of the house, slip into her jewelry box and take one of her rings she rarely wears. Make sure it’s one that fits her, but not one she wears very often and will not miss. Take it with you when you head to the jewelry store so they will know what size ring to help you purchase.

Another tip if you don’t feel comfortable taking one of her rings with you is to take one of her rings and push it down on your own finger, marking where it goes to on your own finger and a reputable jeweler should be able to easily help you figure out what that equates to in her size. Another way you can figure it out is to take her ring and press it into a bar of soap, then trace the outline onto a piece of paper. The jeweler can take that and convert it into a ring size.

As a last resort, you can, of course, return to the jeweler and have the ring re-sized perfectly to the fit of her finger. This is not a bad option, but you know if she says yes, she’s going to want to wear the ring immediately and having a ring re-sized will take some time, detracting a little bit from the fun.

A word to the wise; before presenting her with the engagement ring, make sure she’s recently had a manicure, as nothing shows off engagement or wedding rings quite like newly done nails. For some great ideas on designs and looks to consider, take a look at website.

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