Why Wearing Performance Khaki Shorts While Golfing in Charleston Is Smart

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Clothing

If you have a great golfing vacation planned in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC, you might be wondering exactly what kind of clothing will work best under the circumstances. For those in the know, the choice is always going to be performance khaki shorts in Charleston, SC. There are many reasons why this is so.


Perfomance shorts are designed to be free of wrinkles so that you can always look your best and not have to worry about running your shorts through the dryer, especially if there is not one handy. In fact, when it comes to men’s clothing in Charleston, SC, there is no better option to wear when you are just about to head out to the links.

Relaxed Fit

With the award-winning relaxed fit that these shorts boast, you don’t have to worry about the shorts being too tight so as to be hard to bend over or squat in them nor too loose where they are sagging down and constantly having to be struggled with. Performance khaki shorts in Charleston, SC are not only functional but flattering to wear.


While these shorts with gold and other similar sports, these are not simply athletic shorts in disguise. These can definitely be worn in casual settings such as family excursions or going out to eat in non-formal restaurants. You can go straight from the links to family functions while still wearing the same men’s clothing in Charleston, SC.

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