How much should we spend on a gift?

by | May 29, 2013 | Gifts

When it comes to buying a gift it can sometimes be difficult to decide exactly how much to spend on that particular gift. There are many aspects to consider in relation to this and we must choose carefully so as to convey the correct message to the recipient. It is unwise to spend vast amounts of money on a gift for someone that is not a close relative or friend, conversely we should consider spending that little bit extra for somebody special in our lives.

Happy birthday gifts

One of the most common occasions that we choose to send a gift is a birthday. Birthdays can be special such as a twenty first birthday or can just be a regular birthday. If it is a special birthday we should consider spending that little bit extra so that the occasion is marked with a gift that the recipient can cherish for years to come. Happy birthday gifts can range from small things such as vouchers or chocolates to more lavish gifts such as mobile phones, computers and even cars if you are very lucky! It is important to consider the relationship that the recipient has to you when choosing a happy birthday gift. For close family members it is a nice touch to spend more on a gift than you would for a work colleague or acquaintance.

Romantic gifts

Romantic gifts tend to be a token of affection for a loved one such as your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. It is therefore more acceptable to spend much more on gifts for people like this. Some of the most popular romantic gifts include jewellery, expensive fragrances and trips abroad. By spending a lot of money on a gift many people feel that it shows just how much that special someone means to you. If money is tight why not consider a nice bouquet of flowers or booking a table at your loved ones favourite restaurant? These types of gifts, whilst not being as extravagant, can have just as much impact as more expensive gifts such as jewellery.

Christmas gifts

This is one of the most difficult occasions in relation to the cost of a gift as the recipients can range from family members to work colleagues. Usually there is a large number of people that we have to buy for at Christmas so it can be expensive to buy extravagant gifts for everybody. We should again consider the relationship with the recipient when deciding on how much we want to spend on a gift at Christmas. Immediate family members and close friends obviously warrant a more expensive gift than a neighbour for example.

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