Factors to Consider When Choosing Dance Leotards for a Girls’ Team

A successful girls dance team needs the right kind of leotards to wear for both practice and competitions. If you’re a team coach searching for dance leotards for girls, you want to find the best ones for your team members. When searching for leotards there are some factors to consider.


A dance leotard should fit securely while allowing for the flexibility a girl needs to complete her dance routine. Long sleeves should stay extended and fit securely around a girl’s forearms. The straps of a leotard in a tank top design should stay in place as well. The fabric of the leotard should be breathable so the girl is comfortable throughout a practice session or competition.


When it comes to dance leotards for girls there are many appealing colors available. Some dance teams have a particular color that represents their team. In that case, they would choose a leotard that incorporates that color into its design. Alternatively, some dance teams like to have a few colors swirling together in the design of their leotards. The large selection of colors available allows dance teams to express their creativity as well as the overall personality of the team.


Another feature to factor in when choosing dance leotards is durability. The leotards will need to be washed after every practice and competition. So, the fabric needs to be able to endure lots of washes while maintaining its bright color and sleek appearance. The leotards should hold up well for an entire season of competition.

Finally, sometimes narrowing down the options to three or four dance leotards for girls makes it easier for a team to figure out which ones would work best. Some coaches allow their team members to take a vote to determine which leotards are the most popular.

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Author: Alessandro Alcala

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