NY Bakers Can Get Creative With These Baking and Decorating Supplies

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Food

Maybe family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without your macaroons or lemon pound cake. Perhaps you want to make your granddaughter a special unicorn cake for her birthday party. Some cake orders call for specialty boards, bakery tools, and pans. There are so many gadgets available today to make baking and decorating easier and more efficient.

Baking Wonders

Cake pop molds are perfect for creating individual bite-sized cake pops. Silicone baking molds in a variety of shapes make it easy to create mermaids, dinosaurs, and more. Press molds for Easter, Halloween, and other occasions to take the work out of tedious details. Specialty pans, silicone baking mats, paper molds, and dowel rods can help you to create tiered cakes that can withstand a trip to its destination.

Decorating Ease

Whether you want to make a high-heeled shoe or the sparkling horn of a unicorn, there are plenty of items that will help you to achieve the vision in your head. Luster dusts and food colorings in powder, gel, and airbrush options are available in a plethora of hues to make fondant and icing vibrant. Metallic food paints, spray paints, and even markers give a quality finish to any cake or cookie.

Fondant and gum paste help professional and home bakers to generate unlimited decorating options like flowers, butterflies, pearls, and jewelry. Cutting wheels, mats, ribbon cutters, and other bakery tools allow precision measuring and stamping for fabulous designs.


Don’t place a spectacular cake on a plain piece of cardboard! Choose sturdy round, square, or heart-shaped boards covered with gold-foil or patterns such as zebra stripes or gumballs.

Finally, send off that cake in a crisp white box with a clear window, or choose a colorful pop-up box that has handles for easy carrying. Present your cupcake in a clear box like an edible treasure. You could also choose a clear box with a flower top and a ribbon for a more professional finish. Patterned boxes, window boxes, and colorful bags make it easy to display your cupcakes, cookies, and macaroons.

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