Benq Projectors Are Ideal Short Throw Units

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Shopping

Benq projectors have always been considered as a product that provides exceptional value and with the introduction of their short throw projections bring added value to the market.

Not everyone has a home that will allow for a complete home cinema, but there is little reason now to junk your idea of setting up one. The short throw models have been designed to eliminate the need for a large room and a projector to screen distance of some distance. A short throw projector can give excellent quality and large pictures, even though it will be mounted much closer to the screen. If you can get the projector back from the wall by a little over three feet, you will get a massive 65 inch image.

There are a number of advantages to short throw Benq projectors. It can be set up in a small room and because it can be so close to the screen, it will be in front of you; not behind. For those who enjoy sessions with their Nintendo Wii this is ideal as you will not be cavorting around between the projector and the screen so there will not be any undue interference from your own shadow. Although the built in speakers of any projector are far from ideal, with the speakers in front of you the sound will be superior, it will closely connect to what it is you’re watching.

When searching for the appropriate projector for your situation, projector brightness is one of the important features to consider. A projector system is not like a TV, a television does not have to be located in a darkened room whereas a projector wants to be in a room with as little transient light as possible. If you are going to use the projector in a room with a number of windows, it is recommended that you install blackout curtains or failing that, choose a very bright projector.

If there are a number of people in the room, perhaps the projector will be used in a classroom setting, it should be set back farther from the screen. This is one of the built-in benefits of short throw Benq projectors, as they do not require much in the way of setback, and although setting it back a bit will reduce the brightness, in most cases the image quality is excellent.

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