Custom Wine Glasses Make Ideal Tableware For A Baby Welcoming Party

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Shopping

Some families are choosing to have a party after the birth of a baby instead of a baby shower. Depending on the region you live in, you may hear this type of party called a sip and see, a greet the baby party, or an introduction party. No matter what it’s called, this type of party can range from a low-key backyard barbecue to a very elegant affair. Every baby party has food and drinks. One way to add elegance to any sort of baby welcoming party is to provide custom wine glasses for guests. Wine or champagne often accompanies a meal at these parties, served either directly at the table or from a bar.

Choosing The Best Way To Present The Glasses

When you order custom wine glasses, you want guests to appreciate them and enjoy the effort you took to make the party memorable. If your party has guests serving their own drinks, like at low-key backyard gathering, then you should have the wine glasses set out on a separate table with the wine next to it. If you’ll be making a champagne toast, you can choose to set out the glasses and pour the champagne and request that guests grab a glass before the toast.

If you’re having a party with a sit down meal, you should place a wine or champagne glass at each table setting. The servers can then fill each guest’s glass at the proper time. You can also purchase custom wine glasses, fill them with candies or confetti, and use them as party favors instead of drinking glasses.

Customizing The Glasses

The hardest part of ordering custom wine glasses is choosing what you want imprinted on the glass. Since the baby is already born, you have a ton of information that you can include. You may want to put the baby’s name, date of birth, time he or she was born, and a special sentiment about your baby. You can keep it simple with just the baby’s name and birth date, or provide artwork to be imprinted on the glass. Since these glasses will be a keepsake for your friends and family, it’s important that you choose customization that represents your family and your new baby.



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