With Heat Press Transfers, You Can Wear A Unique, Original Design T-Shirt

by | May 5, 2014 | Shopping

Let’s face it; most people find T-shirts one of the most comfortable things to wear for casual use – even if the weather is freezing; we can still use a tee for its original function as an undershirt to help keep us warm. All of which means that most of us have at least one drawer in our closet which is full of T-shirts some of which may be plain white tees; others may be colored; but, for sure, many of them will carry some sort of pictorial design (and, probably some lettering as well).

How Does The Design Get Onto The Shirt?

T-shirts with designs on them started to appear in the 1950’s and were an immediate commercial success – they still are to this day; which accounts for us owning so many of them. Production of these, early examples of decorated tees followed basic printing techniques of the day; which meant quite costly setting up procedures on fairly expensive printing press equipment. This resulted in the shirts having to be made in quite huge quantities with a relatively small selection of designs being available.

Individual designs could be printed; but, at a price that was well beyond the average T-shirt wearer’s pocket. Computers and modern methods for printing directly from them onto paper like materials have changed all this. Using this technology, T-shirt design artwork can be computer generated and printed (one by one at equal, low cost) onto the backing or release sheet of what are known as Heat Press Transfers. This makes it possible for you to have your very own, individually designed tee that is unique to you at a readily affordable price.

How Does My Design Get Off The Release paper And Onto My Shirt?

The first thing to note is that the design will appear in mirror image on the release paper; this is so that it will be the correct way around after it has been placed (ink side down) onto the tee. Once Heat Press Transfers are in position; both they and the garment they are to be transferred to are placed in a heat transfer press which will apply the correct required pressure; evenly over the whole transfer and heat it and the garment to the required, correct, temperature. Temperatures and pressures may vary depending upon the type of Heat Press Transfers being used and the nature of the textile that the garment was made from; but, the whole transfer process is remarkably quick and easy to carry out.

Heat Press Transfers are a perfect way to produce printed garments carrying a unique design or slogan. If you choose Gulfside Heat Transfers as your transfer supplier; not only will you get speedy delivery; but, they can also help you to design the artwork.

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