Great Islamic Autumn Fashion Trends in 2014

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Shopping

Autumn is just around the corner, and along with the falling leaves and the gorgeous colors with the change of the seasons comes new fashion lines to start the fall season in style. Autumn fashion trends are often difficult for Islamic clothing, because during the fall months of the year it is too cool to wear thin fabrics, and too hot to where thick fabrics such as wool or polyester. Finding the right colors can be hard as well, because bright and vibrant colors seem too summery, while black, grey, and dark colors seem much more suited to winter. The following are trends that Islamic women can expect to see in their favorite boutiques this season.

Colors & Fabrics

Islamic women can expect earth colors in major retail establishments this season. From burnt orange and chocolate browns to heather green, navy blue, burgundy and cream, they will have fantastic color choices in various shades for everything from dresses to robes and headwear. Deep purples and emerald greens will also be fashionable this season. Fabric will be semi lightweight in cottons, rayon, polyester, and other materials that allow breathing room, so that they aren’t too hot for the season.

Original Designs & Endless Options

When you shop for the latest designs in Islamic clothing for children, you will be presented with tons of products that will make it hard to narrow your choices. Contrary to popular belief, all Islamic clothing is not the same. You will have endless options in bold and gorgeous designs that are made out of high quality fabrics in all types of colors. Whether you want a highly fashionable Jilbab, or a brand new Burkah, you will be able to find the latest trends on the market in any Islamic specialty boutique or online store. Many of these stores already have their autumn fashions lines on the shelves. Islamic clothing also comes with gems and studs in some cases. From emerald green studs to ruby reds and sapphire blues, your clothes can be as unique or original as you want them to be. The studs or gems can be used to create amazing patterns on your clothing, or you can keep things simplistic by strategically placing them in small areas that will not seem over the top.

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