Why Gelato Is Perfect For Any Occasion

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Food

Gelato is great for any occasion. It can be served warm, cold, or even at room temperature. There are tons of flavors available, and it is much better for you in terms of fat content when compared to regular ice cream. Whether you are serving food at a family gathering, a wedding, or even at a business meeting, gelato is the perfect dessert or snack.

The Great Tasting Flavors of Gelato

Over 90% of Americans consume ice cream or frozen desserts. When choosing your flavors, there are several things that you should consider. If you’re serving your gelato at a big occasion where a lot of people will be present, then you may want to offer a wide variety of flavors. Tahitian vanilla, triple chocolate and caramel sea salt flavors are all popular flavors that people will love. You can also include more exotic flavors such as green tea or pink grapefruit to appeal to people with all sorts of tastes.

Exotic and Inspiring Flavors

If you want to add some zing to a party or a social gathering, then you may want to opt for the more exotic flavors of gelato. A good gelato contains between 30 to 40% fruit, and some are even gluten free. This is great to serve for people who suffer from allergies, as it doesn’t contain anything that would cause people harm. If you want exotic flavors to keep your guests coming back for more, then you might want to serve mango or even blood orange gelato. Other exotic flavors include key lime, pineapple, and melon.

Weddings and Celebrations

If you want to have a delicate dessert that will impress the guests at your wedding reception or celebration, then serving gelato is a great way to start. You can order it in bulk from any quality gelato company, and it is inexpensive enough that it won’t hurt your event budget. It’s a refreshing treat that can be a lovely end to any celebration meal. From coconut to vanilla and white chocolate, there are many options to choose from. The best thing about serving gelato at occasions is that you don’t need to worry about it melting as much as you would with regular ice cream. Your guests will love this tasty cool treat.

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