Who Supplies Cheap Camel Cigarettes?

by | May 22, 2014 | Shopping

When looking for a tobacco company that supplies cheap Camel cigarettes, why not have a look on the internet. Here you can find several online tobacco companies that can offer cheap Camel cigarettes for you to purchase. Some of these companies even offer further discounts if you purchase your cigarettes using a debit card or a bank wire.

Dating back to the 1900’s, it was normal practice to roll your own cigarettes. So when Camel began producing cigarettes in 1913 they revolutionised the tobacco industry. No other company provided pre-rolled and packaged cigarettes that were available Nationwide.

Before Camel cigarettes were launched, their founder R.J Reynolds embarked upon a widespread advertising campaign which cost a staggering 8 million dollars. Reynolds used the slogan “The Camels Are Coming” which caused a buzz amongst the public and meant that when Camel cigarettes became available, they were an instant success. The first packets of 20 Camel cigarettes were sold for just ten cents and became massively popular across the US.

The cost of Reynolds’ initial advertising proved to be money well spent however, as in just 4 years of launching their Camel cigarettes, the company had amassed 33% in market shares. This rose further, to an impressive 45% by 1923.

In 1930 several tobacco companies came onto the market with their own brands of cigarettes. This didn’t seriously affect the popularity of Camel cigarettes however, especially as they were the most recommend by both doctors and medical experts alike. From the 50’s and through to the 90’s, Camel continued their widespread advertising campaigns, therefore ensuring that they kept ahead of their competitors.

Another factor that made Camel cigarettes so popular was the high quality tobacco that they used in their product. By using a blend of tobaccos from Virginia, Turkey and Burly, Camel cigarettes were less harsh than other tobaccos that were available at that time.

When Camel cigarettes were first produced they were unfiltered, however, over the years many of varieties have been added to their list. Today you are able to buy them as Regulars or Straights.

Now, you are able to choose from the full range of Camel cigarettes when shopping online from one of the many tobacco suppliers that are available on the internet. At cheap and affordable prices, you are sure to find a deal to suit your budget. Whether buying in bulk, or even a smaller amount, there are many options that you can choose from.

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