The Proven Track Record of Swisher Sweets Little Cigars

There may be no more interesting story in the cigar industry, or in business for that matter, than the one that led to Swisher Sweets little cigars. David Swisher entered the cigar business in 1861, not because he was passionate about smoking tobacco, but as payment for a debt he was owed. Swisher kept the company running, but because he was more focused on his merchant pursuits, it would be nearly three decades until the family business was sincerely made a priority.

Two of David Swisher’s son’s purchased the small operation in 1888 and immediately set out to make a name in the cigar industry. Within the decade, the pair grew the company to include more than 1,000 employees hand-rolling hundreds of thousands of cigars each and every day, which meant millions of cigars entering the marketplace each year.

The company now known as Swisher International Group has been in business for more than 150 years and Swisher Sweets little cigars have been on the market since 1958. That combination makes Swisher Sweets little cigars one of the most trusted products in the industry. The line of cigarillos comes in a wide variety of flavors, yet is still manufactured at a very high quality, and has served the brand well.

Quality is a very important quality for a cigar aficionado, and Swisher Sweets little cigars are synonymous with quality in the little cigar market. Not long after its debut, the Swisher Sweets line became the most popular in the nation. Customers continue to enjoy interesting flavors like peach, white grape, and blueberry in addition to traditional favorites such as menthol and mild.

Today, the company credits its marketing staff as one of its biggest assets. With upwards of 250 on the marketing team, which is believed to be more than any other company in the cigar industry, it is easy to see why Swisher Sweets little cigars are so popular.

Of course, just because a company utilizes a large force of professionals to push sales and create clever marketing strategies, does not mean customers will buy. The product has to be good enough to keep consumers coming back. As you can see by the track record of success Swisher Sweets little cigars has had – consistently ranking among the top brands in the category over more than 50 years – you know the product is solid and has stood the test of time.



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