What To Consider When Looking For The Best Safe

Best Safe

Best Safe

In the recent years, the importance of having a safe in the residence or business has become even more crucial because of the increase in the number of burglary cases. The difficult economic situation seemed to have pushed a lot of poor folks to cling on illegal money-making schemes, with burglary as the top choice. Because of this unlikely development, it is high time for people to consider having a safe.

There are several things that need to be considered when looking for the best Safe in Westchester County. First, the safe must be capable of storing your valuables. There are a lot of different designs and models which are made for unique storage purposes. For instance, smaller safes are designed for the safekeeping of important documents. Moreover there are also larger safes which are customized for larger items. When choosing the type of safe you need, make sure to measure the inside dimension of the box and compare it with the items you will store inside. There should be an allowance of at least 25 percent of the space for future use.

Another crucial factor to consider is the type of locking mechanism. Different Safes in Winchester County come in an array of lock designs. Some models are equipped with mechanical key locks, electronic keypads, biometric scanners and electronic keypads. The more advanced models use a combination of these locking mechanisms. Among the different types of lock, the mechanical key lock design is the cheapest but is least secure. Some experts believe that the 4-digit mechanical combination dial and the electronic keypad the most efficient both in cost and security. These locks require that you know the PIN before it can be opened. With the countless possible combinations, it’s almost improbable for anyone to decipher the PIN. But the most secured is the biometric locking mechanism which scans the index finger to grant access. However, this comes for a hefty sum.

The burglary rating is also checked when choosing a Safe in Winchester County. This rating indicates the level of difficulty to break into the safe. Usually, a good safe has a TL-15 burglary rating. This means that the safe requires at least 15 minutes before an experienced hand locksmith can break-in using regular power and locksmithing tools.

Finally, the fire rating indicates how resistant the safe will be in case of fire. For instance a safe will be rated with 1 hour 350 degree F rating which means it can withstand 1700 degrees F fire for an hour without raising the internal temperature above 350 degrees F. A core temperature of 350 degrees is low enough to cause damage to the contents of the safe. More advanced media safe are designed to withstand more extreme temperatures because delicate media devices to tend to be destroyed even at 125 degrees F.

You see, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken account for when selecting a Safe in Winchester County. Evaluate the different safes based on these crucial factors.

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