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Get An Online Business Started With Branded Clothing Stocklots

One of the fastest growing options for new businesses are online stores. Branded clothing stocklots provide the optimum buying option for those that want to carry merchandise that is easily identified to their customers.

Branded clothing stocklots are large qualities of one particular product. Typically these lots are cases, pallets or trailer loads of a particular item. Because they are sold in high volume they are priced, on an individual item basis, much lower that you could buy from a retailer to resell.

In some cases branded clothing stocklots may even be less costly than buying from the manufacturer. This is because the original buyer may have bought massive lots and is then selling in smaller stocklots, passing on the savings to the next buyer.

Online Purchases

Consumers that buy online are on the rise. In fact, as reported by the U. S. Department of Commerce in 2013, the estimate for sales online was a whopping $67.0 billion. This total reflects an increase of over 3.6% from the previous quarter of the year. This trend has been steady for several years and shows no change in increases in the future.

Online sales are different than retail sales in brick and mortar stores. Sellers can set up a website, offer products competitively priced and offer specialized products that are lower cost that what can be purchased at a retail level.

Quality and Name Recognition with Branded Clothing Stocklots

Online consumers are increasingly savvy about branding and advertising. With individual items bought in branded clothing stocklots you are able to attract a wider range of online shoppers. Buying genuine clothing and apparel over off-brand or unbranded products is definitely something that consumers are going to look for.

As you are buying large volume, you are able to take advantage of maximum price savings. This gives you a greater profit margin regardless of the price you want to sell the items. As the retailer you do have to be aware of any licensing requirements, but this is not generally an issue with clothing.

Branded clothing stocklots are a great asset to any online business. Lower purchase prices and large volumes ensure that you have the prices your customers are looking for and the sizes and colors as well.


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