Create The Perfect Anytime Gift With Wine Tote Bags

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Shopping

Finding that perfect gift for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas is often not all that difficult if you have a bit of time to browse through the stores or look at the latest must have items online. However, finding a gift to say “just because” can sometimes be a real challenge. The great news is that with just a bit of imagination and some handy CarryGreen wine tote bags you can give just the gift they always wanted to receive.

The real benefit of having a few wine bags on hand is that you are never without a gift. This is perfect for those unexpected events that seem to pop up no matter how carefully you plan your gift giving.

Recycled and Renewable Products

For the environmentally concerned person on your gift list incorporating their passion, using sustainable items and recycling, can be included as part of your present. Jute, also known as burlap, bags are sure to be appreciated both for their rustic beauty as well as for their environmentally friendly nature.

These bags come in a range of sizes that can hold a single bottle or large options that hold up to four bottles. Since they are reusable they make a great wrapping for the wine and also a handy way to transport wine anywhere.

Add Local Items

To add to your wine tote bags you may want to consider shopping locally. Most areas now boast wineries that produce some outstanding wines. To your wine tote bags and bottles you can always add local fruits, honey, cheeses or other gourmet food types of items. Candles, chocolates and natural or organic items add a very nice touch and a true elegance.

If you want to make a gift basket, look for a natural basket design that will go well with your selection of wine bags. Wicker, willow and bamboo are all good options and can double as a picnic basket, a perfect combination with natural fiber bags.

Wine tote bags with handles are ideal for carrying wine virtually anywhere. With the natural beauty of the bag design you don’t even have to worry about gift wrapping, the bag will be more than enough.


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