Three Ways a Turntable Can Improve Your Cake Decorating Work

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Shopping

Do you love decorating cakes? Well, if you’re a cake decorating enthusiast, you need the right kinds of tools in order to decorate a cake exactly the way you want. One tool to consider for your pantry is a cake decorating turntable. This tool allows you to turn a cake easily as you apply frosting, lettering, trim and more to your confectionery creation. Look at three specific ways having a cake decorating turntable can improve the quality of your work.

Create Intricate Designs

Looping, swirls, waves and dots are just a few of the pretty designs you may want to put on one of your cakes. Creating intricate designs and patterns is much easier when your cake is on a turntable. A turntable will allow you to move your cake just an inch at a time or to turn it all the way around quickly. In short, you don’t have to worry about awkwardly repositioning your cake on the counter. The turntable offers you smooth, even movement.

Enjoy More Control Over Your Decorating Work

If you try to reposition a cake on your kitchen counter to reach the other side of it, there’s a chance you could slip and smear your design. When you use a cake decorating turntable, you avoid this risk. Instead, you can move your cake in any direction and stop it exactly where you want to work.

View Your Cake From All Sides

When you finish decorating a cake, you will want to see it from all sides. This is so you can make any last-minute touch-ups before putting it into the refrigerator. When you use a turntable, you can move the cake to get a complete 360-degree view of your work. This practical tool is perfect for professional cake decorators, beginners and everyone in between.

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