Three Reasons to Shop at Charity Thrift Stores

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Shopping

If you are someone who enjoys treasure hunting at thrift stores, you might consider shopping at charity thrift stores in Jacksonville, too. When it comes to finding vintage treasures, you really do have to get lucky. Goods end up at the charity run stores for a number of reasons. If you take into consideration that philanthropic individuals who own nice things donate to these organizations, you can expect to find some fabulous items that need a new home.

Here are three reasons to shop at charity thrift stores.

Hidden Treasures

As mentioned above, you can find a hidden treasure at the thrift shops run by charities, too. An argument can be made that you are more likely to find those items at these stores because people who own nice things do tend to be philanthropic individuals. Charities make an effort to collect items, and the population tends to donate to them when they have completed their spring cleaning and at the end of the year. Their stores, therefore, are constantly receiving new inventory to sift through on the racks.

Helping a Charity

When you shop at charity thrift stores in Jacksonville, you are shopping for a good cause. The money these retailers earn gets reinvested into their system to help those in need. Some use the funds to help train people for new jobs. Others use the funds to help keep their shelters staffed with volunteers. It helps them continue serving meals, and it helps them provide toiletries and other essential items.


Shopping at these particular thrift life shops guarantees you are going to find competitive prices. Additionally, because they have a constant flow of new inventory, there are days throughout the year when a fire sale is held. Prices are slashed further to clear out the racks and shelves to keep them fresh.

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