The Smart Way to Buy Mattresses in Jackson, MS

Choosing the right mattress can make the difference between waking up refreshed and energized, or feeling groggy and achy. The key is to select bedding that matches your sleep needs; and professionals, such as Mattress Direct, can do exactly that. When you are comparing mattresses in Jackson, MS, these experts will guide your choices, and offer benefits that include:

  • CUSTOM MATCHING:  Bedding professionals will listen to your requirements, and then explain which products match your needs. These can include Tempurpedic, Serta, or Dr. Greene mattresses.  When you are searching for the best adjustable mattresses in Jackson, MS, experts can demonstrate styles with adjustable bases. These may include the Tempurapedic Ergo System, with a wired remote, or one of the many IComfort adjustable bases. Professionals carry a wide variety of affordable, comfortable mattresses in firm, super firm, pillowtop, super pillowtop, and other styles. They offer features such as anti-microbial covers, body-contouring design, and even options that help control body temperature as you sleep.
  • BEDS AND FRAMES:  Sales staff can also find the ideal new frame for your mattress. They carry lines that include standard metal frames, wood support options, and complete beds. You have the option to choose entire sleigh, canopy, wooden wicker, and metal beds. Experts can show you bases that allow you to position your mattress until it matches your comfort needs precisely.
  • ACCESSORIES:  Bedding professionals carry a full line of accessories that include IComfort and Tempurapedic pillows.  You may choose neck, scrunch, comfort, and extra soft pillows, among others. In addition, experts will show you mattress covers, sheets, and more.
  • FURNITURE:  Professional mattress suppliers also carry futons, including Serta models, in a range of colors, fabrics, and styles. These stylish, space-saving sofas quickly convert to beds. Modern frames are available in a wide variety of styles, and are easy to open and close. Bedding professionals also sell nightstands, bean bag chairs, and more.

Smart shoppers consult bedding experts when it is time to buy new mattresses. They rely on these professionals to help them choose affordable, comfortable bedding that matches their needs. These experts also carry bed frames, bases, accessories, and furniture. Visit for more information.

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