Start Learning the Art of Cake Decorating Slowly

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Food, Shopping

There are many cakes that are decorated superbly, these can be works of art and are often done by master cake decorators who have years of experience behind them. For these one of a kind masterpieces, leave the pros to it, but cake decorating can be something that can be quite easily turned into a small home business. If you have conquered cake baking, the rest is something that can be as simple as applying a buttercream icing frosting or as complex as producing a theme cake using fondant icing and various edible cake decorations.

Although you can be amazed at the cakes that are made by professionals, don’t get into cake decorating at the deep end, start small if you have not had any prior experience. As a rookie, start with something very simple and it can’t get much simpler than applying a glaze or icing which can be made from a few simple ingredients. It may take some time before you are up to making your own decorations out of fondant and gumpaste, but in the meantime there are commercially available decorations readily available.

It has always been best to start with the basics, and the basic is getting the correct Chocolate buttercream icing frosting based on the climate. Once you get the icing right you can begin to learn how to apply it. You will need a turntable and a couple of decorating spatulas, a few pastry bags for different color piping and a series of tips for the bags. As time goes by you can add to your collection of utensils, but start slow and master the art of cake decorating step by step.

If you get into cake decorating and find that it really is something you enjoy, it may be a good idea to take a cake decorating course. Usually several decorating courses a year are offered by local culinary schools as well as vocational schools and community colleges. Once you begin to hone your skills you may find that starting a home based business is actually quite easy. Cakes are one of those wonderful home produced products that sell by word of mouth, once your friends and neighbors get a taste of what you are doing, their friend and neighbors will soon knocking on your door.

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