Great Uses For Béchamel Sauces

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Shopping

If you recently purchased a new Titanware Complete Set you will be chomping at the bit to try out some new recipes. Here are a few ways to use béchamel sauces to create some new dishes your family will love:

  • Lasagne: There are two schools of thought when it comes to lasagne. One uses marinara or Bolognese sauce combined with a cheese filling and the other uses a béchamel sauce in place of the cheese filling. If you usually make the cheese filling try adding the béchamel sauce for a change. Your family will love the velvety smooth texture it adds.
  • Linguine: When you make your linguine you probably make it adding garlic and heavy cream. This is quite fattening although undeniably delicious. A good way to lessen the calories is to sauté your garlic and then add a béchamel sauce in place of the heavy cream. It will be equally delicious but using a lower fat content than the heavy cream.
  • Rose Sauce: When serving a basic marinara sauce on pasta you can switch up the flavour by creating a rose sauce. Prepare your béchamel and marinara sauces as you normally would but then combine them before serving. You can add chicken or shrimp to top it off.
  • Scalloped Potatoes: For perfect scalloped potatoes every time, parboil thicker slices of potatoes and use a béchamel sauce to create extra rich scalloped potatoes that take less time but taste even better.
  • Mac and Cheese: Using béchamel sauce to create the base for your mac and cheese will make a richer, heartier sauce. Add at least a cup of your favorite cheese grated or a combination of cheeses for an even richer sauce. Sautéed bacon and onions, chunks of lobster or even some veggies can all add even more flavor to this all time favorite comfort food.
  • Dress up Veggies: You can pour some béchamel sauce over some steamed veggies for a delicious side dish and add a little cheese to make it even better. You can also serve it as is or put it in the oven until nice and bubbly.
  • Chicken Pot Pie: You can add a little more flavor to another favorite comfort food, chicken pot pie. Add a little béchamel to make a richer, creamier gravy everyone will love.

All of these meals will keep your family smiling.




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