What are the important office supplies & stationery accessories?

by | Jul 28, 2010 | Online Shopping

Are you planning to start your own office set up? It is recommended that you also pay heed to other aspects such as office furniture items while starting your own office. Similarly, you should select efficient office supplies & stationery items to ensure that your workplace functions efficiently. You should prepare a checklist of all the essential office supplies & stationery accessories. Following is a list of important office accessories that you will require:

Important Office Supplies & Stationery


Paper is certainly one of the most important office accessories. You should ensure that you have plenty of paper. Paper can be used for several purposes such as flip charts, printers and writing down telephone messages. Similarly, you can use papers to send out proposals and invoices. You cannot function properly without using appropriate paper products.


Similarly, you will require notepads for various office related tasks. You might need notepads for noting down customer orders. Notepads can also be used to prepare to-do lists.


Yes, it is a known fact that electronic items such as mobile phones have replaced the traditional products like diaries. However, diaries can prove to be useful when it comes to noting down your schedule for the day.


You will always require a huge supply of pens. Highlighters or marker pens are required on a daily basis. In addition, you will require a separate fountain pen for signing contracts. A stylish fountain pen will certainly create a favourable impression on the clients.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes form an integral part of the modern corporate set up. Such notes are used by several offices across the globe. You can use them for noting down important telephone numbers or reminders.

Files and folders, staplers, envelopes and adhesives are some of the other office supplies & stationery accessories you will require on a daily basis.

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