Moissanite Lab Diamonds: Ethical, Sustainable And Beautiful Jewelry Stones

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Online Jewellery Shop

If you’re looking for jewelry that has the sparkle of a diamond but that you know has an ethical and sustainable history, then the clear choice is a moissanite lab diamond. moissanite occurs naturally in nature and looks extremely similar to a diamond. It is named after Henri Moissan, the scientist who discovered it in a meteor crater… how cool is that? Today, moissanite gems are created in a lab.


Unfortunately, diamonds often come from war-torn areas of the world and have a history of human misery behind them. In some areas of Africa, warlords have cut off innocent people’s hands as a warning not to mess with their diamonds. While ethical jewelers in the developed world try to avoid these “conflict” diamonds, it is almost impossible to know the entire back history of a diamond that shows up in a jewelry store in the United States.

By contrast, moissanite gems are created under lab conditions. When you see moissanite jewelry for women, you know that it came from an ethical and sustainable place.


Moissanite actually reflect white light better than a diamond, and, consequently, it sparkles more. Furthermore, it attracts less dust and dirt than a diamond does.


Let’s face it, moissanite jewelry for women is simply less expensive than going with diamonds! With a moissanite engagement ring, you can save money for your wedding. For lovely and affordable engagement rings and other moissanite jewelery for women, turn to Doveggs-Seattle.

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