Different uses of medical equipment

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Medical professionals working in doctor’s offices, hospitals and other facilities usually depend on medical equipments to perform their duties and to take care of patients. Medical equipments are available in different types ranging from heart monitor equipments to x-ray machines. Medical equipments play a major role in patient care in assisting the nurse, technician or the doctor.

Medical equipment can be the basic oxygen monitor, blood pressure cuff or stethoscope. Examination rooms also have medical equipment like nebulizer machines and digital thermometers. Although some medical equipments can be small items, all are important for the nurse or doctor to diagnose and treat patients. In most emergency departments, there are a number of medical supplies that nurses require such as urine collection cups, gloves, syringes and blood sample vials.

Different types of medical equipment used in hospital laboratories:

Majority of hospital laboratories use medical equipment that the laboratory assistants and pathologists use for performing tests and conducting research. Some medical equipment found in hospital labs include glass slides that are used for analyzing the specimen samples, haemodialysis machines that are used for removing toxins and waste from the blood and the advanced microscopes that are used for diagnostic testing like biopsies.

Some labs have blood testing monitors that are useful to check diabetics. It can also be helpful to determine how quickly glucose leaves from the blood. However, if the doctor suspects someone having a heart problem, there is a machine called radionuclide scanner, which takes the pictures of different organs of a person. These pictures greatly help doctors to analyze and see whether the heart and other surrounding organs appear normal or abnormal.

CT scan machines are also available that are often used for checking gallbladder attacks, kidney stones, vein conditions and lung nodules.

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