If You Smoke; Do You Buy Tobacco Online?

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Online Shopping

These days, tobacco is an often maligned industry; but, the fact remains that it provides jobs for a huge number of people all around the world; puts profits into shareholders’ pockets and provides tax and excise duty income for many governments. Maybe, if Christopher Columbus and his crews had not encountered native smokers on (what is now) Cuba; the smoking habit might have never appeared; somehow, however, I doubt it (someone else would have seen and spread the enjoyment that smoking can bring).

Tobacco – A Truly Versatile And Resilient Industry

Forget the so called dirty tricks that some people believe the tobacco industry to have pulled in order to hook increasing numbers to tobacco addiction; that may, or may not, have happened; but, it is true to say that smoking today is simply not as socially respectable as it used to be. Actors and actresses in the movies; or, on TV; do not smoke to anything like the degree that they used to and, in most of the world, newspapers, magazines and TV are no longer flooded with tobacco advertisements. Forget the atmosphere of a smoke filled bar – most public places now ban smoking of any kind and the ban is supported by the law.

One only has to consider the vast array of different ways in which a smoker can indulge in the habit to see the versatility of both the growers and those who turn the tobacco leaves into products to be smoked. Columbus probably saw tobacco leaves being smoked in pipes and, for many years, pipe tobacco was probably the most popular consumption method. Some say that smoking a pipe has too much rigmarole attached to it; handling the tobacco, tamping it into the pipe’s bowl (too tight and it won’t burn easily, too loose and it can flare up and smoke hot); then, the actual lighting ritual followed by all that knocking out the ash and cleaning up both bowl and stem. For such people in need of speedier gratification; there are always the likes of cigars, cheroots and cigarettes.

That the industry is resilient clearly shows in the way in which, despite outside pressures, the industry still survives and does well to this day. One of the newest ways that tobacco serves its customers is the fact that it is now possible to Buy Tobacco Online along with all its manufactured variants.


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