How a Jewelry Store in Yuba City, CA Prepares Jewelry For Appraisal

Many people will get their jewelry pieces appraised in order to purchase an appropriate amount of insurance. Many different jewelry stores will prepare your jewelry for appraisal for a small fee. The following are a few things that you can expect your Jewelry Store in Yuba City, CA to do in preparation for an appraisal.


Before anything is done, the jeweler will inspect the jewelry thoroughly for any damage that may require repairs. This damage can range from minimal loosening of stones to a very serious crack or break in the jewelry. The appraiser will be looking for any and everything wrong with your jewelry in order to give a fair assessment of value. If the jeweler finds any repairs that need to be done, it is wise to get them done before you go to the appraisal. Small issues such as loose stones can significantly reduce the value of your jewelry piece and lead to a lack luster appraisal.


The main reason many people take their jewelry to a Jewelry Store in Yuba City, CA is to have it cleaned properly. Many appraisers will want the jewelry to be spotless in order to assess the value of the piece accurately. One speck of dust can throw off the luster and shine of your jewelry. Many appraisers will clean the jewelry if it is dirty, but in order to save yourself time and money, you should have it cleaned beforehand.


Many jewelry stores will offer to make an inventory of your jewelry for a small fee. This will help your appraiser by allowing them to see exactly what pieces you have for them to look over. Many insurance companies demand an inventory sheet that has been notarized, to verify authenticity of the paperwork.

If you find yourself in need of these services, you should visit the professionals at Diamond Palace Jewelers. They have years of experience, which is a valuable asset if you need anything repaired before your appraisal. You should also inquire about the inventory sheet, which is very important in getting your valuables properly insured.


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