Bulk Speaker Wire: Gauging the Difference

by | Nov 9, 2013 | Electronics

When it comes to setting up a sound system, audiophiles register their preferences clearly and loudly. Their choice of bulk speaker wire ranks up high with their personal preference of cables, audio video converters, connectors and overall equipment. Yet, what makes certain speaker wire better than others? Perhaps, the answer lies in the answer to the question “What is speaker wire?”

What is Speaker Wire?

Speaker wire consists of more insulated conductors of electricity capable of creating a connection between the audio amplifiers of a system and the loud speakers. They may be coated or insulated in a variety of materials. Originally rubber provided the insulation. Today, various plastics, including Teflon, PE or PVC, perform this service.

The Importance of Gauge for Bulk Speaker Wire

While audiophiles may argue about the need for quality, they acknowledge one significant and highly critical characteristic of good speaker while relates to its gauge. This is based on the aspect ofelectrical resistance. In the United States, American wire gauge (AWG) describes this particular nature of speaker wire. This system utilizes numbers to designate the thickness of wires which, in turn, affects the quality of sound.

In general, the higher the AWG number is, the thinner the gauge of bulk speaker wire. A small number indicates the wire is thicker. If you want to achieve the best audio effects possible, choose an AWG of between 16 and 12 gauge. In other words, a low gauge indicates a thick wire which will make its ability to pass the audio signal with clarity.

To increase the AWG will result in decreased sound quality. However, in the overall gauge equation, length of the wire will have also some effect. Impedance of various degrees will occur if thin gauge wire is extended over approximately 50 ft. Therefore, if you want longer speaker wires, make sure the cord has a thick AWG.

Specialty Speaker Wires

In an attempt to obtain the highest quality of sound possible, many audiophiles opt for specialty speaker wire. Many companies market these types of wires online and off. They provide claims of improved audio performance and quality. Along with these statements may come hefty price tags. While many experts argue that this is not valid, individuals still choose to believe some questionable promises.

In the end, it is essential you know that what is important is the gauge. As long as you purchase the right AWG – bulk speaker wire that is compatible with your system you can and will obtain the best sound from your system that is possible.


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