Hot Options in Wedding Dresses for Your NJ Wedding

You may be eager to introduce some of the latest trends in wedding dresses for a NJ into your big day, and that means you need to consider some of the hottest looks of the current season. If you were to sum up those hot options in wedding dresses for a NJ wedding, they would include:

* Oversized sleeves – As one expert said, thank “Kate Middleton with bringing back wedding dresses with sleeves“, but also consider that the look she re-introduced has taken some bold strides since then. The latest looks include oversized and even bell-like sleeves giving a real statement look to the gown. They are often long (past the hand), puffy, wide and billowing. Made of lace or sheer materials, they add an unforgettable touch of character.

* Deep plunging necklines – Think of this trend as “well past low cut…dipping straight down and almost to the belly button”. This does not mean the gown has to be ultra revealing, but does mean that the neckline is the focal point of the design. There are options for wedding dresses for a NJ wedding event that are actually quite refined, framing the face by opening the area of the gown around the collarbone and upper chest. There are also unique men’s shirt styled gowns with deep necklines and some that use a subtler plunging neckline paired with a fuller skirt to create a lot of visual balance.

* Off the shoulder styles – Another of the hottest options for wedding dresses for a NJ wedding day are those with deeply off the shoulder bodices. These go well beyond cap sleeve looks and actually restructure the upper area of the bodice to accommodate the shoulder-framing look. Soft or dramatic and even geometric, this is the ideal choice for those who have elegant collar bones, appealing shoulders or who wish to elongate the look of their neck.

In addition to these hot trends, you will also see gowns with dramatic side cutouts, sheer corset styling, and gowns that add a lot of drama by using accents of the darkest black. As you begin to look for the ideal gown for your wedding, be sure you consider the latest trends. Each of them can work well with almost any figure or type of wedding. You can find the widest array of trendy and hot options at Azaria Bridal.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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