Getting the Best Baby Formula is Vital for Development

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Online Shopping

Manufacturers of national brand baby formulas and products spend millions of dollars yearly on advertising. Television advertising is very expensive, and it is designed to target expectant moms before they deliver the baby. Another approach is direct marketing by sending out samples and coupons for discount baby formula. Executives for these manufacturers know that advertising is the key to getting a new mom hooked on their products.

Nothing is for Free

Anything that is free will usually end up costing you somewhere down the line. It is common for U.S. hospitals to give out gift packs of name brand formulas to new moms upon departure. The cost of these so called freebies combined with the costs of marketing is passed right along to the consumer.

Manufactures of baby formulas also compete for WIC contracts. WIC is a provider of benefits for low income pregnant and nursing mothers in the U.S. Millions of mothers in the U.S. today participate in the WIC program and receive their discount baby formula for free. The high costs of this program are funneled down through the retail price of the national brands and distributed to the end consumer.

Options for Discount Formula

A store brand formula for a big box store’s exclusive line is often sold at 50% of the cost of the national brands. The manufactures of the store brands are able to offer these savings directly to the consumer because they do not spend their money on fancy marketing or commercial schemes. They also do not distribute free samples or coupons offering discount baby formulas to hospitals or physicians either. Store brands also do not participate in programs like WIC. Manufactures of private label store brands are able to focus their expenditures on the ingredients in their products and the quality of the process of manufacturing.

Because all formula manufactures have to go through the same exact FDA regulatory processes, store brands are able to be equal to national brands in quality and nutritional value. Additionally, the added savings of $600 per year speaks for itself. Parents who live on a tight budget can really appreciate the value of that level of savings. It makes sense to save when you can instead of doling out your hard earned money to pay for having a brand.

When it comes to buying formula, the name brands may get a lot of attention, but it is important to know that the store brand baby formula brands are a great option because they offer the same great benefits to your baby without the added overhead costs.

The Parent’s Choice brand has been providing top notch nutritional values for newborns and infants since 1998. The discount baby formula is happily accepted by millions of parents nationwide. Parent’s Choice takes pride in working hard to provide the best formulas and toddler products on the market, and they strive to make it affordable for any budget. They offer a diverse range of products that will care for your child from birth to the toddler years.

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