Create an Entire Wardrobe of 18 Inch Doll Clothes

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Shopping

Kids of all ages, and that includes adults, always seem to be fascinated by miniatures. From childhood toys to doll houses to complex train sets, everyone loves to explore the world of these small but incredibly detailed items. Dolls are no exception. Many fall in love with them as children, and that sticks with them into adulthood, where they can pass down their dolls and doll clothes to children and grandchildren. Dolls that wear 18 Inch Doll Clothes are easier for children to manage, since they’re not too tiny, and their larger size allows for even more detail.

Some of the variety of clothing you can find in 18 Inch Doll Clothes includes dresses, separates, swimwear, costumes, sportswear, and pajamas. Some customers buy just as many pieces as they do for their own daughter’s wardrobe. If you can’t choose between separates, you can buy an entire outfit, too. You can choose from outfits that really are complete. They come with pieces like a top, skirt, undergarments, sandals, purse, and even a hair scrunchy. If you want your doll to have a costume, you can find costumes for characters like a pirate. This costume would include a corset, a tulle skirt, blazer, leggings, boots, hat complete with a feather, and even a pirate’s eye patch.

You can find specialty outfits that include your religious tradition, such as a three-piece holy communion dress, which includes a dress, veil, and gloves. Or, you might choose a Hanukkah or Bat Mitzvah dress, including the tallit. Create your own mix and match wardrobe with outerwear like rain coats, wool coats, and puffy down coats. Choose from tops, pants, skirts, blouses, and sweaters. You can dress your doll in a hospital gown, or a robe, pants, black belt, and black sash for karate class,or an ice skating outfit with a dress, ear muffs, and ice skates.

The outfits are endless, and reflect that the life of a doll can be just as varied as a child’s life. These 18-inch clothes are ideal for dressing up dolls by American Girl, Favorite Friends, Madame Alexander, Our Generation, and Springfield Collection. From casual wear to party dresses, your doll can be just as well dressed as any member of the family.



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