Cigar Taste and Flavor is Important

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Shopping

There is a wide variety of cheap flavored cigars available which is why everyone who enjoys a good cigar continues to smoke for many years to come. There are so many different brands, sizes, and styles it keeps cigar smoking enjoyable for aficionados.

They are manufactured all over the world and the flavor of the particular tobacco depends on where the tobacco is being grown, the conditions of the soils, the rolling process, the curing process, and many other factors. Each of these elements helps create a flavor and taste for each cigar type and brand.

Tasting a cigar is much like tasting a tea, wine, beer, or coffee. Just like where a grape is grown impacts the taste of a type of wine, where the tobacco is grown impacts the flavor and taste of a cigar. Different climates and other aspects of nature can directly affect the overall quality of a cigar.

People who smoke cigars regularly, evaluate the taste and flavor of a cigar much like a wine tasters do with a glass of wine. Cigars are described by their flavor and appearance very much like a glass of wine. In order to discover the full flavor of a cigar, you must hold the smoke inside of our mouth for several seconds and allow the flavor to seep into your tongue. This is when you will you discover the full flavor of the cigar.

When you hold the smoke in your tongue there are several flavors you may discover.

* Spicy
* Sweet
* Salty
* Peppery
* Harsh
* Nutmeg
* Woody
* Earthy
* Roasted
* Cocoa
* Nutty
* Oak
* Cedar
* Leathery
* Fruity

Much of a cigar’s taste comes down to the personal preference of the individual smoking it. While some people may enjoy the spicy taste of a cigar, others would prefer a much more fruity taste. Over a significant period of time you will develop your own personal taste and prefer one or two certain cigar flavors over all of the others.

If you smoke cigars regularly you should keep a journal of all of the cigars and the flavors you have tried. You can purchase a cigar journal or you can go online to download a digital journal. Whichever you choose, this is a great way to keep track of what cigars you have tried and which ones you preferred over the others. Keep an open mind and try as many cigar flavors to develop you own personal preferences.

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