3 Ways to Integrate Vintage Clothing Into Your Everyday Wardrobe

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Clothing

While you may adore vintage clothing, sometimes it’s just not practical to wear it in your everyday life if you’re headed off to the office or some other environment where conservative dress is required. However, there are ways to incorporate this look into your wardrobe without appearing as though you’re wearing a costume. Here are a few tips on how you can get away with wearing your favorite vintage styles every day of the week.

Dress It Up or Down
The beauty of vintage clothing is that you can adapt pieces in many different ways depending on what you pair together. For example, donning a wiggle dress might look too costume-like for the office, but if you pair it with a modern cardigan or blazer, then it looks appropriate. You can enjoy the feeling of being in the world of Mad Men, while still retaining a professional aesthetic to your coworkers and boss.

High Waisted Shorts Are on Trend
Nothing is more synonymous with pin-ups like Bettie Page than high waisted shorts, but that’s where you’re in luck since they’re currently on trend. Some vintage styles like these are back, so pairing these types of garments with modern pieces creates an opportunity to wear your favorite classics. High waisted shorts probably shouldn’t be worn at the office, but you can definitely wear them out without looking like you’re attending a costume party. While for some vintage clothing fans this doesn’t pose a problem, if you want to be more subtle, then pairing modern and vintage pieces is the way to go.

Outerwear That Sizzles
There’s no better time to rock the vintage look than when it’s cold outside. You don’t need to put any restrictions on what kind of jacket or cape you wear in the winter, since these styles are basically a free for all nowadays. However, you need to be careful to find something you love, since you’ll be wearing it whenever you step out the door. We offer a variety of form-fitting jackets that fit the bill.

Finding vintage pieces for everyday use isn’t difficult as long as you style yourself the right way. Always remember that for every vintage garment you wear, it should be balanced out with something modern, even if it’s as simple as a belt or pair of shoes. Style is all about finding personality and comfort in your own wardrobe, and the vintage aesthetic is already unique in and of itself. Go with colors and silhouettes that you personally enjoy, rather than things that look good on the hanger.
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