3 Mistakes to Avoid When Working With A 100% Virgin Hair Bundle

It is a very smart decision to choose a 100% virgin hair bundle to create volume and length for your hair. Making the choice to add the quality of hair these bundles offer means the hairstyle will look natural and blend perfectly with your current hair texture and color.

The choice of a 100% virgin hair bundle, and specifically a Remy hair bundle from India, provides quality hair that will stay beautiful for extended periods of wear. Taking care of the hair bundle helps to maximize the length of time the hair extensions can be used.

Forgetting to Wash Before Installing

Take the time to wash the 100% virgin hair bundle before installing the hair. This removes any dust or particles from packaging and also helps to create natural volume in the hair extension.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and make sure all other hair products used are also free from sulfates. This prevents drying out of the extensions. Always use a quality conditioner on the hair extensions that is lightweight and recommended for use on hair extensions.

Do Not Towel Dry

Using a towel to rub the hair causes damage to the hair shaft. This results in both breakage of the hair extensions as well as increased tangling and matting. Towels can be used to blot out excess moisture to speed up the drying process.

Finally, be sure to wash your hair and the hair extensions every two to three days, or at least on a weekly basis. The more hair products that are used, the more frequently the hair needs to be washed to prevent product buildup and dull, lifeless looking extensions.

Author: Alessandro Alcala

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