Why You Should Consider a Eco-Drive Watches in Yuba City, CA

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Jewelry

Many people wear watches as watches can be both a fashion statement and a device to tell the time. Regardless of why you wear it, it can be very annoying when you go to check the time and it has stopped working or the battery is obviously slowing down. It can also be an inconvenience if your watch is not waterproof because you have to remember to remove it before getting in the water or doing the dishes.

People depend on their watches to tell them the correct time throughout the day. These people require a functioning watch. There are some options available for consumers who need a reliable and waterproof watch. These watches are called Eco-Drive and they come in a few different varieties depending on your needs.

Eco-Drive Line- These watches do not require batteries. Instead, they draw their energy from the sun. This means that you would never have to purchase a watch battery again. There is quartz inside the watch that recharges the watch whenever it comes into contact with direct light. The watch can draw in enough energy to hold a charge for up to six months in complete darkness. The lack of a battery makes these watches more environmentally friendly, since traditional watch batteries can release harmful toxins when removed and disposed of.

Citizen Drive Line- These watches are also rechargeable. The only difference is these watches are more trendy and have larger over-sized faces.

Citizen Dive Line- This line is also battery free. They only difference is that it is 100% waterproof and can be worn in the pool, ocean, beach or while doing the dishes or giving your kids a bath.

There are several places to get Eco-Drive Watches in Yuba City, CA and you can find retailers by looking online. Many of these stores offer a wide variety of Eco-Drive watches, which gives consumers the opportunity to find the perfect watch for them. These watches come with a five year warranty, which gives the customer peace of mind that their purchase is a good investment and something that will last them for many years.


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