Why do I need Weightlifting Shoes for Men?

Weightlifting shoes for men should be something you purchase if you take part in lifting even a couple of times per week. They offer additional support and they have a grip on the bottom to help you with your balance. You will be able to lift more with this type of shoe versus your regular shoes you have been wearing to the gym. This is because typical running shoes are designed to absorb force. For lifting weights though, you want a pair of shoes that allows you to use all of the force your body has. If your shoes are absorbing it, then you don’t have as much to work with as you could.

Generating Additional Force

You can’t argue with physics and there have been plenty of studies done to show you can get additional force with the right shoes. Weightlifting shoes for men will help you to continue to challenge yourself and to set your goals higher. They can give you the edge over others you compete against too who aren’t using these specific shoes.

As you squat, the shoes are going to help you get as much force as you can from contact with the flooring. It can then be transferred to your body and move through the lift you are engaged in. These shoes should still be comfortable for you. Don’t just take out the padding from a regular pair of shoes either. That isn’t enough to get you the additional force needed.

Raised Heel

As you shop for weightlifting shoes for men, look for those that feature a raised heel. This allows you to get into a deeper squat position. It allows you to have more range of motion with your ankles. It also helps your overall position to be better. Your torso will be upright and that gives you additional force to send what you are lifting up into the air.

The heel can be either ½’ or 1” and it is a personal choice about what you like best. If you aren’t used to wearing shoes with a raised heel, it is going to take a bit of time for your feet to get used to them.  You will pay more for such shoes. However, if you are going to put the effort into weightlifting, you may as well invest in them and get the most out of your efforts every single time.


Anytime you are lifting weights, you want as much stability as you can get. Most weightlifting shoes for men are designed with this specifically in mind. The stability is offered around your feet as well as under your feet which is very important. This can allow you to consistently push through the lift and it can reduce the risk of injury. You aren’t going to find your feet sliding around, causing other body areas to be out of balance as you lift.

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