What Is Dental Scrap Refining?

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Gold Dealer

Dental scrap refining is the process of taking metals used in dentistry, whether it’s a gold tooth, a filling, or anything else, and melting it down to separate each metal for reuse or selling.

There are many metals used within each piece of dental scrap. For instance, in gold teeth, as well as the, on average, 67% gold you will also find platinum, palladium, silver, copper, and tin. In fillings, depending on the type, you could find mercury, silver, tin, and copper. Some metals are more valuable than others, but, crucially, always worth more when refined effectively.

Why Refine Dental Scrap?

When you’re working within the dental industry, whether you work in a dental practice, a lab, or anywhere else, the odds are high that you’ll have plenty of dental scrap to hand. The process of dental scrap refining leaves you with several precious metals, which could be worth a lot of money, meaning you could be sitting on a gold mine, which are all funds that can make your business more effective.

Who should I sell my dental scrap to?

Some companies will buy your dental scrap for cash, though, while it is a very simple process, it won’t get you the best prices. Those companies will take your scrap and sell them to refineries for slightly more money, where the refineries will then complete the dental scrap refining to make the most of the metals. Whereas there are plenty of companies these days who will both buy your dental scrap and refine it for you, cutting out the middle man and getting you the most money.

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