What is an Electronic Vapor Cigarette?

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Shopping

Millions of Americans smoke cigarettes and many of them are looking for ways to quit. There are a variety of products on the market that are advertised as being able to help people quit in X amount of weeks or months. There is the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and others. The most recent to enter stores is the electronic vapor cigarette. This is a concept that a lot of people are beginning to adopt.

An electronic vapor cigarette is an electrical device that resembles an actual cigarette. It can be loaded with nicotine liquid using a disposable cartridge. The liquid is then vaporized for the user to inhale. The nicotine is absorbed into the lungs, making users feel like they are actually smoking. The vapor looks like smoke to give the user the feel of a real cigarette. The liquid comes in tobacco flavor and many others that the user can choose from.

Why Use an Electronic Cigarette?

Quitting tobacco use is one of the top reasons why people choose to use an electronic vapor cigarette. It can also be used as a way to combat all of the new laws that are prohibiting smoking in public places. For a lot of locations, electronic cigarettes are allowed, including car rentals, restaurants and hotels. Those who feel that over-the-counter smoking cessation aids don’t work and don’t really want to use prescription drugs to quit can use electronic cigarettes instead.

Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Stopping the use of tobacco is the main benefit of using electronic cigarettes. By stopping tobacco use, individuals are able to steer clear of lung cancer, asthma and other health problems that arise from smoking tobacco cigarettes. Here is a list of other benefits of using e-cigarettes:

  • Cheaper to buy than cigarettes
  • Comes in flavors people enjoy
  • No bad breath and stinky clothing
  • No fire risk since there is no flame
  • No tar
  • No carbon monoxide
  • No secondhand smoke
  • No worries about smoking bans

How E-Cigarettes Work

Electronic cigarettes are sold by many different companies, so they may differ in certain areas. However, all pretty much work in the same fashion. There is a power source, nicotine liquid known as e-liquid and a heating element. Some e-cigarette designs are more complex than others. Some have a two-part design, which is the battery and the cartridge. Beginners may want to start with that one.



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